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Design Objective:
The concept of this project was to create an illustration of a celebrity. Making the design unique offered the challenge of keeping the illustration consistent with a personality match to the celebrity. During research, Low-Poly and Pop Art have been popular and having that pop of color and the geometric feel has been a trend within designs. The design choice was to emphasize these trending techniques and incorporate them in the illustration. 

Design Brief:
The Weeknd was the chosen celebrity to start off this series. Illustrating him in a Low-Poly style in a pose from his newest album After Hours, really emphasized the character that he has been portraying throughout his album. This illustration began with a strong concept with The Weeknd featured in a leading role by taking into consideration expanding this Low Poly Series. The Weeknd’s genre points more to R&B; therefore, it was necessary to research similar artists from the 1970s through the 1990s to develop a theme for the series. Some of the artists who contributed as influencers were Prince and Stevie Wonder and were chosen to complete the series.
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