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Design Objective:
Develop the branding for a shop-local event, research locations where the event would take place. The event should offer possible activities that would take place complete with iconography and an illustrated map that showcases the stops that occur within the event and it should correspond with the brand
Design Brief:
ABQ Pazoola is a family event that is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Where the days are warm, and the city provides a fun spot for family entertainment with attractions that can appeal to the whole family. This event provides hours of enjoyable entertainment while visiting the aquarium, local zoo, and shopping centers. After a long day, participants will be able to relax at the ABQ Park and enjoy the ABQ River. The logo mark was created to be creative and simple to draw in all ages. The logo mark contains the letter A, B, and Q which signifies the abbreviation for Albuquerque. Those three letters were manipulated to create a shape of an elephant, to generate a fun and exciting look for the event. 
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